Updating garmin 205

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Updating garmin 205

You can customize these individually (plus Connect IQ apps gets you more sport modes). As you can see there’s a fair number of new features and tweaks, but also virtually everything is kept that I can find from the Vivoactive HR into this product.– Basic waypoint navigation: You can save waypoints and navigate to them, using the internal compass. Of course, sometimes there are tiny little differences that I might not catch initially as I may not use it a specific way someone else does – but overall things look pretty solid.This is Garmin’s first wearable to add contactless payment capabilities (aka NFC), called Garmin Pay.Further, Garmin continued the trend of taking more expensive watch features and placing them into less expensive watches.And then after that it just drops off once I hit publish. Now as you can see in the video there’s a fair bit of change to the user interface here, mostly upon actions.Aspects like selecting or ending a sport/workout, or how activity summary information is displayed.Garmin has a website that’ll soon list all the banks/credit card companies that are supported – but it sounds like at least in the US it’ll be all the big ones.Do keep in mind that just because something is supported on the Apple Watch or Fitbit, doesn’t mean it will be on Garmin. These all have to be individually negotiated with Garmin and the banks (or Fitbit and the banks, or Apple and the banks). Meanwhile on the back of the unit you’ve got the new 2017 optical HR sensor from Garmin, which is the same as found on the FR935 and Fenix 5.

The watch software isn’t final yet (the hardware is), but it’s pretty darn close. Some of it is fairly obvious – the totally new design of the external interface, but a lot of it is under the covers in the functionality of the watch, or even internal to the hardware (like NFC).

Those two are updates of the existing Vivomove and Vivosmart 3 (yes, the one that just came out 5 months ago).

But as I was saying – this is all about the Vivoactive 3, and the changes here are pretty sweeping.

The company expects to start shipping mid-late September, so on very similar timelines as the Fitbit Ionic that also just was announced a few days ago. So since everyone likes bulleted lists, let’s just run through all the new/different things on the Vivoactive 3 compared to the Vivoactive HR of the past:– Round Watch Design: No longer a square, the Vivoactive 3 is all rounded – From two buttons to one button: Removal of the two front-facing buttons, and now just a single side-facing button – Ability to flip watch 180°: You can make the button be on the left or right, your choice.

– Addition of two swipe interface points on side of watch: These allow up/down movement through menus – Garmin Pay added: Contactless payments that utilizes NFC so you can buy your coffee with just your wrist – Structured workout support added: This allows you to download custom workouts and training plans/calendars to execute – Pre-loaded workouts added: These are for run, cardio, strength, and bike workouts – Automatic Rep Counting added: For strength workouts, this was seen previously on the Vivosmart 3 this spring.

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While I covered the bulleted list above, I’m going to dive into some of the newer features in more detail.

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